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 Sports  and tourism  around  Hotel  Maria

On the hill around Hotel Maria there is an excellent park with old trees and alleys among them. It's a perfect place for relaxation walks. 

Down the parkhill, there are some football fields and a public swimming - pools. 

At the Park Hill start Strzelinian Hills covered with forests, with a lof of flooded quarries, ravines and viewpoints. So, it is a very good place for outdoor activities, for example: cycling, jogging, marches, riding horses .  There  are  also very  good conditions  for driving   quads  and  motocross.

The  routes through Strzelinian Hills start near  the  Hotel  Maria and they  run  through  forests  and fields.

The  special show -  place  of the  region are flooded  granite  quarries. They  are quite  good  places  for  scuba  diving. 

10 km away from Hotel Maria in village Bialy Kościół there  is  a  water  sports centre with fishery.

The quartzite  quarry  in village Jegłowa and  a Crystal Hill  -  the places are very often  visited by stones  and arystales  enthusiasts  from all  Europe.

Around Strzelin You will find also interesting hunting areas.

There is also a stud farm in village Nowina, 15 km  from the  Hotel Maria where You can ride horses. Katarzyna Trawińska  is an owner of it.

Around Hotel Maria and Strzelin you can visit also:

 -The biggest in Europe and second in the world granite quarry in Strzelin - 120 meter deep which is located just 1,5 km from Hotel  Maria

-Old town in Wroclaw - 33 km

-Priceless Cisterian Monastery in Henryków - 15 km

-Mysterious castle in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki - 25 km

-Goldmine in Złoty Stok and the biggest line-park in Poland - 30 km

-Unsurveyed underground of Fortress Kłodzko - 35 km

and many other attractions.


 For all Your questions about tourist attractions and possibility of sports actvities we will answer with pleasure - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


translation: Justyna Sobczyk