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Areas around Strzelin claim to be the Mecca of mountain cycling arounf Wrocław. The great influance for such a state of affairs must be attributed to Paul Szeszko who leads a bicycle shop and a service point "Korba", and which is a  great enthusiast of bicycles.  Mr Szeszko  strongly promotes the idea of mountain biking tourism and advertises virtues of sports and tourism of the  Strzelin surroundings.

Half an hour by car or train from Wroclaw is enough to come toa perfect mountain bike ride areas. A great place to start the tour is parking at the hotel Maria. Here starts the  main, red mountain bike over  Wzgórza Strzelińskie leading to the top of Gromnik (393 m) and then further to town Ziebice.

On the hills You will find various types of vegetation and landscape. The different sections of the routes differ from each other so much that it is difficult to propose a route with clearly defined character. The paths covered with red leaves suddenly changes into an asphalt path to finish in a stream. The same is with the degree of difficulty. Some cross sections You can ride with ezes closed, while other simply need to go with the bike on shoulders.

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The structure of hiking trails in the area is clear. The main trail  is the red trail, connecting town Strzelin with town Ziębice. Technically the most difficult section lies between Skalice and Dobroszow. It seems easier to overcome it  driving Ziębice to Strzelin than vice versa. Very charming is the blue trail, outgoing half-way between a Gębczyce and Romanow right direction Kopy Nowoleskiej.

Other trails intersect across the hills, combining  major villages  and  key points of the hills.

The simplest idea to spend a day in the Strzelin hills is a tour  from Strzelin to Ziębice with the red trail and then return with any alternative route or forest roads. The attitudes of this suggested tour are a solid dose off+roadriding through deep valleys and beautiful architecture of Ziebice. The blue trail leading through Nowoleską Kopę will let enjoy with a long and quite difficult downhill. The yellow route - from the village Bialy Kosciol up to summit Gromnik - leads us next to the flooded quarries.

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Marked trails are only part of roads through the hills . You may  conduct your own, unsigned rout which can be quite exciting. Do not worry about errors in navigation. The worst that can happen is  that You will leave forests and there You will alwys find a picturesque view of  valleys which wil let You know in which part of the hills You are. Particularly charming is Kotlina Henrykowska, especially in May.

Accommodation in the hills Strzelińskich can be found mainly in the Hotel Maria at the end of the route leading from Ziębice to Strzelin or on a farm of Mrs Katarzyna Trawińska  in Nowina. Here You also  the opportunity to try horse riding, tel - 074 810 26 87

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If You would like to receive materials and map  about bicycle routes on hills around Strzelin - let us know via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Competent person - Michał Jurewicz.